All of our wines are made with certified ORGANICALLY-GROWN   grapes

( grown with no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers )

Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan-friendly

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Do you want to have an enjoyable experience and drink responsibly with your family and  friends ?  Do you regularly enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner?

Then we are the answer for you .

Our wines are made in a way that supports the long term health of our environment – Organic viticulture  helps curb our climate crisis, assists wildlife & bees to thrive, protects rivers and oceans, supports the health of our earth’s caretakers and our own well-being.

Organic grape growing unquestionably produces healthy grapes and dynamic, great tasting wines!

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Véronique and her Team

Updated: 25 March 2018

Domaine Bousquet Malbec: Lush and rich Malbec, soft tannins, great with red meat and egg plants – $16.99
Domaine Bousquet Gaia Blend: Exhibits a dense purple color, with intense aromas of red and blackberries, showing many layers of silky and round – $24.99
Domaine Bousquet Torrontes Chardonnay: Lovely, aromatic, bright flavor, great with fish and pork – $16.99
Domaine Bousquet White Brut Sparkling: Green apple flavour and aroma, tropical and delicate hints of yeasts. – $21.99

France–Red Wines
Bordeaux Chateau Laubarit Bordeaux: Medium bodied, with dark berry flavors and a rich dry finish – $18.99
Bordeaux Chateau Moulin de Peyronin Bordeaux: Black currant, plum and cherry flavors-  $17.99
Languedoc Chateau Veronique: Jam like fruit character of cherry, plum and blackberry – $19.99
Languedoc Chateau Bousquette “Tradition”: Well balanced and rounded with notes of herb and pepper – $19.99
Languedoc Chateau Bousquette Prestige: Loaded with blackberry and cassis-like fruit- $29.99
Languedoc La Marouette Cabernet Sauvignon: Simple, delicious and thoroughly enjoyable Cabernet Sauvignon – $13.99
Languedoc La Marouette Merlot: Nose of black cherry, full bodied with great structure – $13.99
Languedoc La Marouette Pinot Noir: Cherry, blackberry and hints of forest flavors complement the structure – $15.99
Languedoc La Marouette Syrah: Notes of spice, plum and cherry balance well with soft tannins – $13.99
Languedoc La Marouette Grenache Rose: Lovely, bright, clean, wild strawberry, great for picnic or aperitif – $13.99
Languedoc Le Joly Rouge: Bold, dark fruit and black spice flavors, rustic, earthy and totally satisfying – $15.99
Languedoc Le Soleiller Rouge: A supple and round wine, packed with aromas and flavors of fruit and spice – $12.99
Rhone Domaine des Cedres Cotes du Rhone: Reminiscent of ripe wild berries and summer herbs – $16.99
Sofos Greek Red Wine : Red ruby color and aromas of raspberries. Enjoy with roasted beef and spicy pastas – $16.99

France–White Wines
Bernard Delmas Blanq de Limoux: Quintessential sparkling, lush, smooth, bright and dry, wonderful aperitif – $19.99
Bordeaux Chateau Laubarit Entre deux Mers: Classic white Bordeaux, light, crisp, slightly dry with great fruit – $18.99
Languedoc La Marouette Chardonnay: Complex nose of lemon and tropical fruit, smooth buttery finish – $13.99
Languedoc La Marouette Sauvignon Blanc: Lively taste with floral aromas and well-rounded citrus notes – $13.99
Languedoc Le Joly Blanc: The aromatic complexity of White Grenache is amplified by a touch of Roussanne – $15.99
Languedoc Le Soleiller Blanc: Light, fresh, fruity and dry, the perfect white wine for a light meal – $12.99
Sofos Greek White Wine: Light yellow color, aromas of citrus, an elegant crisp. Enjoy with mediterranian cuisine – $15.99

Casina di Cornia Chianti Classico: Classic dried cherry fruit flavors and a spicy, dry finish – $19.99
Perlage Prosecco Riva Moretta: 100% Sangiovese grapes, bright cherry fruit, with a hint of spice and a clean finish – $21.99
Perlage Pinot Grigio: Citrus aromas, dry and fruity with a marked richness of flavor, great with hors d`oeuvres and fish – $13.99
Perlage Sangiovese: Bright cherry fruit, with a hint of spice and a very clean finish, great with pizza and barbecue – $13.99
Perlage Altana Rosato Frizzante: Delightful strawberry and peach fruit flavors, with a long, dry and complex finish. – $14.99

Navarrsotillo Noemus Rioja: a young red wine, well balanced and medium-bodied – $15.99

Badger Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon: No added sulfites, aromas of plums, sweet raspberries and cranberries – $15.99
Badger Mountain Chardonnay: No added sulfites, apple blossoms, lemon zest and toasted coconut – $12.99
Badger Mountain Merlot: No added sulfites, dark fruit notes, especially plum & black raspberry, long, sweet finish-  $15.99
Badger Mountain Pinot Noir: sherry notes, great with fish and salmon – $17.99
Badger Mountain Riesling: Off dry, perfect with Asian or spicy food – $12.99
Pizzolato NSA Prosecco: Aromas of white stone fruit, citrus blossom and a whiff of bread crust – $19.99
Girasole Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon: Wonderful notes of ripe blackberries, dried cranberry & cracked pepper – $16.99
Girasole Vineyards Chardonnay: Light straw color with alluring aromas of lemon-lime, kiwi & Granny Smith apples – $16.99
Girasole Vineyards Hybrid Red: A blend of Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot, it is a deep, rich color – $16.99
Girasole Vineyards Sangiovese: medium bodied, brisk, and brimming with cranberry and cherry fruit – $16.99
Girasole Vineyards Pinot Noir: Exhibits hues of red roses and ruby jewel tones. Wonderful aromas of strawberry, cherry and clove give way to sweet red cherries on the palate – $19.99