All About Vegan Wine

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Are You Drinking Vegan Wine?

Probably not. You might think that all wine is vegan. You will be surprised to learn it is a bit more complicated than that. For instance, one could easily assume that organic wine would be vegan because certified organic grapes are vegan, but that is not all that is needed to meet the strict standards of our vegan friends.

Conventional wines are made with grapes that are heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and therefore are not animal-friendly, not vegan nor human friendly for that matter. Furthermore, during the conventional wine-making process, animal by-products, such as egg whites, may be used to filter out protein, yeast, cloudiness, off flavors, coloring, and other particles.

Fortunately, wines made with certified organic grapes can be filtered/fined with agents that are animal-friendly (without animal-derived elements) such as carbon, vegetable plaques, plant casein, silica gel, limestone, kaolin clay, and bentonite clay. Organic wines filtered with clay or papier buvard are a great alternative and meet vegan standards.

It may not matter to you if your wines are vegan, but for those adhering to a vegan lifestyle, how can you be sure that you are drinking 100% vegan wines? Always look for a 3rd party certification of organically grown grapes on the back label and purchase from a reputable supplier. We have a wonderful selection of vegan wines.

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