Testimonials, Friends & Mentors of OWC

There are many reasons why people enjoy organic wines. For some it becomes a way of life, for others it just “feels right”. We are very proud to feature some of the people who have become close friends of OWC during the years and who, through their inner beliefs and visible actions, have helped shape and influence in so many ways.



Chef Yves Vacheresse
Dear Véronique,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making such great wines available. Their quality and originality are a perfect complement to the organic food we serve here at Vernona, our Four Diamond-AAA and Four Star-Mobil rated restaurant.

We recently conducted a tasting of eighteen of your wines for the restaurant service staff as well as several of my colleague chefs. It was a thrill to see everyone rate the wines so highly. It became difficult in fact to select the dozen now featured on our wine list.

It is very exciting for me to have the ability of pairing these wine gems with my food and in keeping thus with our mission to serve the best and healthiest food and beverage products.

Thank you for partnering with us.

Chef Yves Vacheresse, RITZ of Sarasota, FL
Vernona Restaurant Chef de Cuisine


Jay Abraham
Jay Abraham, marketing expert

“These are truly remarkable wines, I drink them all the time! Go to website.


John Gray
John Gray, Author, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”

For your romantic evening: music, candles, good food, superb organic French wines and you’re off to a great start! Go to website.


Thom Hartmann
Thom Hartmann, Best Selling Author and Syndicated Radio Host

“Years ago I found out that grapes were very heavily sprayed. I was so relieved to locate the Organic Wine Company and have been drinking their wines ever since. I just love them! Ordering from them is easy, they’re wonderful and knowledgeable people, and they support their products and their customers. These are easily some of the best wines I’ve ever had – organic or ‘normal’. I highly recommend the Organic Wine Company”. Go to website.
– Thom Hartmann, author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight


Gary Hirshberg
Gary Hirshberg, CEO, Stonyfield Farm

“Château Véronique is a favorite for dinner at our home, so we teamed up with Véronique to introduce these remarkable and earth-friendly wines to our Yogurt lovers”. Go to website.


Samuel & Louise Kaymen
Samuel Kaymen

“We depend on the friendly folks at the Organic Wine Company. They provide us with the best tasting organic wines available anywhere. And no headache for my wife Louise!”


Sondra Barrett, PhD
Sondra Barrett, PhD

It has been such an honor to be a friend of OWC and I look forward to our dancing with the grape and sharing insights with you about wine and well-being.



“I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the two bottles that we received from you recently. The Chardonnay was perfect with our Thanksgiving turkey. Most Chardonnays that I have tasted are weak in flavor and with an acidy bite. Not the case with yours. The flavor was very full and smooth. It was delightful with our meal. Incidentally, my wife usually does not drink red wine (more for me!) as they give her severe headaches. Your red, however, did not give her the usual headache, so now there will be less red for me. Have to buy more I guess! I intend to try more of your wines in the future.”
Don Mercill

“We have enjoyed the Dom. des Cedres, Cotes du Rhone very much. It is the ONLY red wine I have been able to drink. All the non-organic red wine has given me headaches! Thanks for producing such a wonderful product!”

“Sampled my first bottle (Merlot) in 10 years w/NO sulfite problems. It was great. Thanks for all your work on the subject and assistance on the phone.”
Steve Smith, via e-mail

“A rare combination: an excellent product and a company of impeccable integrity. The wine is pure pleasure from start to finish; a superb bouquet, a lovely color, delicious tastes bringing to mind the herbs and flowers of the South of France. I give it to friends with an extra sense of pride.”
W.I.J., CA

“When I read your newsletter I realized I am not alone on the quest to bring love, joy and light to the planet. you are so right… ‘One individual totally focused on one goal is more powerful than one million in disarray.’ I so believe in what you are doing and I know how challenging it is at times to stay focused and positive… but know you are not on this journey alone.”
Mary Cancassi, Women in Film, Hollywood, CA

“I love your wine. I haven’t tasted a better organic wine.”
Charlene Hilton, CA

“My appreciation to you for the Organic Wine Co. My wife and I can again enjoy the pleasure of having and sharing a glass or two of wine in the eve. No more headache from chemical additives on grapes, etc.”
Woody Frost, CA

“I am a lover of fine wine. However, I have been unable to enjoy red wines as they do not enjoy me. I have a reaction when I drink red wine (as little as one glass) in the form of the most painful headache. I am very pleased to report that your red wine (La Bousquette), which is organically grown (no chemicals etc.), agrees with me quite nicely. I have no adverse physical reactions when I drink your wine. It is quite pleasing to the taste, and I can recommend it highly to anyone that enjoys a good wine.”
Ronald M. Cassano, CA

“I suffer from a host of allergy problems, and have often had a bad reaction to wine. I don’t know if it is a reaction to sulfites, or to something else. I am happy to report that I have had no adverse reaction to the 3 bottles of your wine.”
Dave Drummer, via e-mail

“It has been a number of years since I have been able to drink wine, as I am one of those individuals that is highly sensitive to chemicals. The first time I drank your wine it was with a great deal of apprehension and skepticism, as you can well imagine. I have now sampled 5 bottles of your wines and am pleased to report, NO REACTIONS! I wanted you to know how much I enjoy being able to drink wine again. I am very grateful!”
Kathleen H. Bellinghiere, IA

“Bousquette is the first and only wine I have tried and had a ‘good’ feeling from, and no headache, neckache or nausea.”
Michelle L. Nagle, CA

“Thank you for your fine service. I received the wines in fine condition. We enjoyed the Château Véronique. I did notice the difference in your product. My system is fairly sensitive these days and I believe I react to the sulfates in ordinary wine. Your product was pleasant to taste with no side effects.”
Jerrold Larson, WA

“I’ve tried one of the bottles of red wine, and am very happy with it. I must tell you that this is the first time in 5 years that I’ve been able to have a glass of wine without getting a very severe stomachache. I don’t know if it’s because your wine does not contain the usual pesticides… or because the amount of sulfur is so low as to not upset my system. At any rate, I’m very happy that I ordered from your company, and will definitely order again!”
Barbara Fellows, via e-mail

“You may rest assured that we are enjoying our wine and that you will be hearing from me again in the near future. I am passing on your literature. My friends are going to have to start buying their own because I’m not sure how long I’m going to share my supply. They do love good wine!”
Dobie Hogan, via e-mail

“Thank you so much for helping to make our benefit a success. Your wine was applauded by all, not only for its social responsibility, but for its ravishing flavor as well.”
Dave Martinez, Golden Gate Alliance, CA

“I enjoyed your ‘La Bousquette’ red wine. I drink a reasonable amount of wine, and am quite used to awakening in the morning with a muzzy head and aching eyes, together with a ‘sensitive’ stomach. However, none of these symptoms were present after drinking the majority of a bottle of La Bousquette.”
S.G., CA

“I have been an occasional customer of your organic wines, and have been VERY happy with the quality. However, my main motivation for drinking your wines was and is because of my desire to choose organic products whenever possible. It is icing on the cake that your organic wines are delicious too! I enjoy receiving your newsletters, and am always inspired by your words. Your comment “that one individual focused on one goal can have tremendous power” really hits home. One individual cannot fix the world, but one can make tremendous strides when focused on a passion.”
Tara Larsen, CA

“We just love your organic wines. I am so glad we found you! Although we don’t drink any alcohol except an occasional glass of wine… it is only your wine we reach for. The first bottle we enjoyed thoroughly was the Cabernet Franc! Yum! We also enjoyed the Merlot! We really do enjoy the taste of your wines. No more headaches for me with your wine!”
Claire Feeser, via e-mail

“Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with your company and business relations. Ina and I have been sharing your literature and our approvals of the wines we recently tried with our friends and patients (we own and direct a holistic health center as well as Planet Health Natural Foods) quite a bit lately. We really look forward to tasting more of your great wines. Long live Organic Farming… and of course Organic Wine!
– Glenn Nozek, via e-mail

“As always, I thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletter almost as much as I enjoy drinking your fabulous wine!”
Jim Schomaker, via e-mail

“What a delight it was to read your newsletter…you are an excellent writer. I loved the paragraph-that more butterflies will live and more birds will fly and nest in safety in pesticide free vineyards, fish will flourish again in the stream below, and farmer’s children will play safely outdoors etc. What beautiful wording. Keep up the good work!”
Ted Faulconer, via e-mail

“As much as I enjoy drinking good Organic Wine, I adore the text of your newsletter. Your command of the English language is truly a gift. Regards.
Alan St. C Byles, via e-mail

“Thank you so much for your wine deliveries over the holidays. They were a tremendous ‘hit’ with the studios. Happy New Year!”
Sam Baldoni, Spelling Entertainment, CA

“Ms. Raskin, Milos is currently traveling, but he asked me to thank you for your kind letter… Let me also tell you, that your wines are delicious and we both love them! It is a matter of time to ask for more of them… ”
M. Zborilova, assistant to Milos Forman, Director, NY

“Ms. Raskin, Thank you for an excellent wine. I will continue to enjoy it… and think of you.”
Willie Brown Jr., Mayor of San Francisco, CA