About The Organic Wine Company

Our Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the health and “joie de vivre” of our customers and the environment by promoting organic viticulture. Our wines are high quality, reasonably priced and made with certified organically grown grapes. They are delightful to drink and can be enjoyed without an adverse reaction by most chemically sensitive people.

Véronique’s Story

A few words of bienvenue so you know who we are and why we do what we do…Map of France

“My name is Veronique, I was born and raised in the South of France to a family of physicians and land owners. I attended the catholic school of Toulouse, my hometown. I earned a BA in English and an MA in American Literature from the Medieval University of Toulouse, spending a year in London while completing my degree. I then spend 4 years at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I studied Hebrew, comparative religion and clinical psychology. I came to this country in 1973 to be trained in Structural Integration by Dr. Ida Rolf and gather material for a PhD, which I completed in 1984.

Though I have lived in California for a few decades now, my roots run very deep in the terroir of the Languedoc, where my childhood memories reside & enchant me. That is where I go in my dreams to feel unconditional joy and freedom, especially towards our ancestor’s land, the Domaine de la Bousquette, close to Beziers. I spent summers there trotting behind my great aunt, helping her garden, tend to the tortoises she kept in shoe boxes, picking the most extraordinary organic (what else?) tomatoes and melons with my great grandfather.

That is when I developed an enduring, visceral passion for our ‘garrigue,’ these wild rocky hills brimming with thyme and rosemary and pine scents, the most enthralling symphony of scents you can ever imagine. This is the land of Van Gogh, Baudelaire and Ravel. At harvest time, I simply loved watching our horse Bayard pull the grape-filled cart up the hill from the vineyards under a blazing sun. This is the land of the Syrah grape and Cinsault and Carignane, which ferment into wines filled with passion.

picking grapes
wines redsoil

I suppose that this is really when my company was born. This was decades before I decided to bring the La Bousquette wines into the USA: to share their unique spirit and quality and message with my fellow seekers: people as animated as I am with the desire to do good and do well, to serve our world, and to bring both health and pleasure into our lives.

I invite you to roam around our site, review our catalog and call me. Together we can select a few wines that will best match your tastes, food preferences and lifestyle.
I come from the Old World, meaning that I answer my phone and respond to my emails.

I look forward to hearing from you,
A bientot, V.”