Biodynamic Wine

Some of the most astonishingly delicious wines in the world are coming from wineries practicing bio-dynamic farming. Bio-dynamic farming takes organic farming to the next level. Bio-dynamic farming does more than just eschew pesticides and synthetic chemicals; it’s a full embrace of the most ancient and fundamental earth-friendly practices. The results are healthy, delicious and highly aromatic grapes made in complete harmony with nature.

Modern farming techniques were fundamentally based on making things easier for man; biodynamic farming techniques believe that the finest produce results from making things easier for the earth. All wines which claim to be biodynamic must pass certification from the local European or American authorities. As a result, there are stringent rules about following the lunar and solar calendars and the dictates of the seasons.

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What makes biodynamic wine so special?

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Our biodynamic wine partner, Domaine des Cèdres

In biodynamic farming, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are ever used. Instead, the earth is renewed by sowing vegetarian mulch which enriches the nutritional content. Rather than pesticides, key herbs are planted which are attractive to “good” insects, which take care of the “bad” insects naturally. But this is only the beginning. Following detailed work calendars organized at the beginning of each year from the biodynamic advising boards around the world, certain tasks are assigned to certain days. As the moon waxes (moves toward the full-moon phase) the sap rises. This is then the prescribed period for harvesting crops. As the moon wanes (moving from full moon to half) the sap falls, which is then the time for fertilization, trimming, etc.

For obvious reasons, these wines are much more expensive to produce than those on traditional, non-organic farms. They’re even more difficult and time consuming than most organic wines. But, the results speak for themselves. We invite you to check out our lovely variety of the finest biodynamic wines we have found. Thank you for your interest in biodynamic wine, and for visiting us at The Organic Wine Company.

Click here to check out our great biodynamic wine selections.

In June of 2005, Mr. Nicolas Joly came from France to California to participate in a Biodynamic Wine Fair in San Francisco where all the major US producers and importers of these high class wines were present.

Nicolas gave a presentation about the Biodynamic philosophy and practice that brought him a standing ovation and me to tears.

I went up to him at the end and thanked him profusely: he had superbly put into words what I had felt for decades and tried to express and therefore the raison d’etre of my own company.

Finally someone had explained the Biodynamic vision in a way that took into account the physical, emotional and spiritual components of our world and all its inhabitants and made it relevant to each of us. Is biodynamic wine good for men’s health? Read about this problem here, but about wine on our website. Here was a poet, acting in the real world, putting poetry into bottles. I recommend you go here and read on. I won’t insult the man by paraphrasing him any longer.

As you listen to him, you might catch a glimpse of someone whose passion and vision is so compelling as to make you think anew and with great excitement about the ancient art of wine making. He certainly renewed my love of nature and my desire to do what I can to serve, preserve and conserve it. Biodynamic wines are revitalizing the wine industry and it’s tremendously exciting to see it growing.

As some of you probably know, the great 20th century philosopher Rudolf Steiner is the originator of this approach. He taught that growth was influenced by a flow of energy radiating from the moon, stars and planets. According to Steiner, the position of the moon and the stars within certain constellations influenced the growth of leaves, roots, flowers, and fruit. Biodynamic farmers plant their crops accordingly. They employ various methods for nourishing the soil, as do organic grape growers. However, biodynamic growers put a greater emphasis on the vines and since they believe that plants respond to all the various forces of nature, they also time their activities in accordance with the cycles of the moon, planets and stars.

In short, the goal of biodynamic farming is to be in tune with the totality of life forces affecting the growth of the plant.

For a great specific description of Biodynamic viticulture, check out our friend Hilary Wright’s, The Great Organic Wine Guide, a remarkably well documented & written book.

As for us, we are in awe of biodynamic wines and their structure, stature and depth. They are serious wines, ponderous wines and we have carried a few good ones for many years that you can find in our store.