Samuel Kaymen

Founder and Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, Inc., New Hampshire

Samuel Kaymen

Samuel KaymenThere once was a little farming school…

Stonyfield Farm began in Wilton, New Hampshire in 1983. It started out as a farming school that taught sustainable agricultural practices. Our goals were to help family farms survive and to help protect the environment.

Samuel Kaymen, one of the country’s early authorities on organic and bio-dynamic agriculture, was the school’s founder and chairman.

Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

A message from Samuel

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I had the opportunity to meet with Veronique Raskin, the Founder and President of the Organic Wine Company. Veronique is somewhat of a pioneer in the organic wine business. She began importing French wines to the U.S. in 1980, and she has served both the French and California organic wine industry ever since. I was very impressed by the strength of Veronique’s moral conviction and her achievements.

Now she is determined to do everything she can to help commerical and non-profit corporations work more closely together. She believes that only by systematically tapping into our combined resources and expertise can we hope to solve our current environmental problems and make the Earth healthy again.

We depend on the friendly folks at the Organic Wine Company. They provide us with the best tasting organic wines available anywhere. And no headache for my wife Louise!

I hope that you will be as inspired and refreshed by this spirit as I was.

-Samuel Kaymen.

Samuel’s favorite organic wine? Chateau Veronique

Stonyfield Farm, Inc