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Wine & Winery Resources

  • Wines.Com – For more general information about wine, check out our friend’s website.

Travel, Cooking and Hospitality

  • E Magazine – to provide information about environmental issues and to share ideas and resources so that readers can live more sustainable lives and connect with ongoing efforts for change.

Green Companies

  • Stonyfield Farm – Organic yogurt company with all natural and certified organic yogurt, smoothies, cultured soy, frozen yogurt and ice cream distributed throughout the U.S.

Grocery Stores

  • Blackwing Certified Organic Meats – Blackwing is one of North America’s leading providers of Healthy Red Meats and Healthy Poultry Meats to consumers, retailers and food service industries.

Organic / Natural Products

Professional Organizations

  • California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) – CCOF promotes and supports organic food and agriculture through a premier organic certification program, trade support, producer and consumer education and political advocacy.
  • Enology at UC Davis, CA – Teaching programs are designed for students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degree in the subject matter of viticulture and enology, or related disciplines.
  • Free The Grapes – Free the Grapes! is a national grassroots coalition of wine lovers, wineries and retailers who seek to remove restrictions in states that still prohibit consumers from purchasing wines directly from wineries and retailers. Their goal is to ensure consumer choice in wine.
  • Wine Institute – Wine Institute is the voice for California wine representing more than 1,000 wineries and affiliated businesses from the beautiful and diverse wine regions throughout the state.

Organic Lifestyle

  • Organic Portal – Discover organic products and services from all corners of the world.

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